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Apparels, accessories, shoes, belts, scarves and what not! there is no dearth of choice and they are available in possibly any combination or texture ort design that you can think of! But no matter how much of choice you have, there is still no end to what you really want! That’s why designers and manufacturers have started moving to customized dresses; the idea is to help you create your own style rather than copy an existing one. But first let’s make things clear. Ordering and purchasing a customized dress will cost you a bomb. And this can be said for almost all dresses and accessories except for T-shirts! Now you know why your college or office hands you T-shirts with their logo and not a scarf or a shirt or anything? Well, this is exactly the reason! it’s easy to design T-shirts and to get them printed too, and more often they are ordered in bulk.

But first lets try to understand why you need customized T-shirts and how you are going to use them. You could have personal reasons such as making a fashion statement or being more visible. But if not, then they make for excellent gifts too! They can also be used to show unity or to support a cause. Also the next time you play football with your family and cousins, use the t-shirts to mark teams! Phew! And so on; actually no dearth to uses of these T-shirts.

Now keep reading to know how you can find customized t-shirts.

a. First look online for websites that do Customized T shirt Design and Printing. Most companies that do this, take orders based on volume. So if you just want one or two shirts printed, it might take you long to come up with one such firm. To do this search for websites or companies that have the least minimum order say may be 10 or 20.

On the other hand if you are looking for bigger volumes, the search will be shorter. In fact there will be quite a lot to choose from. Some may offer just prints, others slogans and images and so on. But no matter what you can competitively negotiate on the price!

b. Then decide on the t-shirt design. Keep in mind the people who are going to wear it and also under what conditions. So you really should not buy satin when purchasing for your rugby team. Select one that will keep them cool and is durable too. And for the design, ask them!

c. Finally follow the instructions on the website and submit your design and requirements. It may differ depending on the site that you use, so the procedure might differ from what your friend used. Here’s how it will go. Select t-shirt fabric, design, colors, and size range and quote a price. You will have to attach images (that you want to use on the T-shirt) to the mail. You will get a confirmation email from the website and that means your order is under processing.

To play it safe ask them to send you a sample T-shirt, so that you can verify other aesthetic factors such as spacing, font, layering and so on. Only after you are satisfied, proceed with the final order.

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