Marckel Mccollum

media literacy

Media literacy is the way we view and create media. Media literacy usually paints vivid pictures in your head. Which can help you understand more on what the topic of the media is. Some say that media literacy often acts as a constructor. It either helps us understand the point, changes our thought about the point or even help create opinions and assumptions. Media usually has an audience that it is directed towards. The audience can be directed based off the media it can tell you what age, gender, ethnicity and etc. Media literacy can be used for social and political reasons. Because it can show values the power and some authority. Media literacy comes in multiple forms. The form that it comes in often is chosen to get your attention. To get you thinking and interested in the media. Usually right off the bat you can tell if it’s directed towards you or not. Like is this media really have anything to do anything with me? But that’s the greatness of Media literacy. What it means to be media literate means that you are able to understand the message that is spoken in the media. For example do you know the purpose of why this media came about and does it interest you. Media literacy is why the world turns today. What I mean by that is just think about how different our world would be if we didn’t have media to inform us!