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What's Going On In Cougar Land?

Throughout the school, I have seen so many teachers using iPads from language learning to drawing. There are so many exciting things that can be done on an iPad. If you are interested in creating something with your students, let me know!

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Week of November 11 Availability

Monday - open

Tuesday - open until 2:45

Wednesday - open after 1:30

Thursday - open
Friday - ITRT Meeting


Want someone/something else to grade your papers for you? If you create a test in Google Forms, you can use Flubaroo to grade them for you! Check it out...

Apps on fire!

The iPads are a great instructional tool, but the apps add the true excitement. There is a teacher iPad in the library that can be checked out by teachers to play with apps if you do not have an iPad at home.

Toni Sheets

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher - Keister Elementary