Jesus in a Muslim Context

Fall 2013 Online


Welcome to your class - Jesus in a Muslim Context. It really is your class. I'm almost 100% positive that you'll enjoy it.

You'll find it confusing at times. Stimulating at other times. But I trust that you will learn. Learn to understand and love Muslims the way God does. Learn the ways of Jesus more. And even learn more about yourself.

But that will happen best when you fully engage. Ask questions. Push back. Don't take what I say as the final truth. In case you were confused - I'm not God. :)

To start, please download and thoroughly read our Course Syllabus. Next, stop in the Introductions Forum and let us all get to know you! After you've completed these tasks, you'll be ready to start Week 1!

Let's take this seven week journey together. I think we'll have fun!