Almost First Grade Beach Buddies...

A quick summer update

June 2015

Hello, Kindergarten Families! I hope this email finds you enjoying your first days of summer. It truly does not seem real that our year is complete. While I am excited for the days of summer, I gladly would have taught this class for many years to come. They are a special group with so many life-long friendships made. I am not ready to see them belonging to a new teacher! It felt so much better to me when it was "our class" my heart they always will be!!!

Last Letter...

I know how those full backpacks can be at the start of summer. In case you missed the paper copy of our last letter home, the PDF is below.

Last Letter

Photo Folder

If you signed up, you should have received an email inviting you to share our photo folder. If you have any questions, just let me know. I can easily add you to the list if you still want in!

Summer Opportunities

There are many ways to continue learning this summer. Here are a few opportunities I wanted to pass on.

Camp Go Noodle

We loved using GoNoodle in our classroom for movement and brainbreaks. You can sign up for a free family account and move and groove all summer! There is a also a new special "Camp Go Noodle" especially for families in the summer. Might be a great option for a rainy day!

Apps to Check out...

Summer Apps to try...

Book Exchange - Tuesday, June 30

Tuesday, June 30th, 6-7pm

655 Park St E

Annandale, MN

Come to AES to exchange your books on Tuesday, June 30. If you didn't opt for borrowing books in the spring, but have changed your mind, feel free to stop in. We can definitely set you up with books for the rest of the summer.

Beach Buddy Blog - Fun and Fitness

One more blog update....can't forget our Fun and Fitness wins! This one makes me smile a lot! Enjoy!

Beach Buddy Blog - Fun and Fitness

Please tell your "almost first grader" HELLO from me!! Enjoy these great summer days!