Living Urban for a Day

By Usman Asad

Observations in an Urban City!


My name is Usman. I live in a suburban city called Mississauga. When ever i go out in Mississauga,on my bike,for a walk or somewhere on my car i'm used to seeing low-medium and a small amount of high residential land use such as (semi-detached house's,family homes,town homes and small apartments and a couple of high rise apartment buildings),i'm also used to seeing some transportation land use like side walks,bike paths,highways and bus stations, I see some commercial land use like malls,local service centers and some big box stores. Two types of land use that i see a lot in Mississauga are open space land use (parks and woodlots) and institutional land use (schools and hospitals).

So on Tuesday November 4th my class and i went to Downtown Toronto Ontario so we can see how different an Urban city is from Mississauga a suburban city. When i went downtown i noticed that there is barely any open space land use (parks,woodlots .etc).The only residential land use i remember seeing were high rise and low rise apartment buildings (high and medium density land use). When we were waiting at a cross walk i was looking around and i saw the entrance to an underground subway system(Toronto has good transportation land use) I've never seen one before, its a new experience since Mississauga doesn't have one. Toronto has many small and large shops, we walked by china town, Eaton center mall, Big box stores such as Canadian tire and saw many restaurants and low-medium order goods.I saw this building that was made for parking your cars,it had 2 or 3 levels. I think that's there because there are so many people living in apartment buildings and they have no place to park their cars so they made the parking center. So all in all i had a great time on the trip and i saw many new things.

What i learned!

During the trip to Downtown Toronto, i learned that if travel a little bit away from your city you will find a total different landscape,in Mississauga there are a lot of houses and schools but when we went to our neighboring city Toronto there were barely any houses and there were so many stores and buildings. All in All i learned a lot of things during my trip to Downtown Toronto.
Just another day in downtown Toronto - pure sound

The video (i did not make this video)

This video is shows the everyday life people who live in downtown Toronto have. The video shows many parts of Toronto, it shows many different types of land uses such as transportation land use, residential land use and commercial land use. Please enjoy the Video.