Magic & Mischief

Puck's Track

Theme: Magic/mischief is fun

Like an Enderman by ThnxCya

This song is perfect because Puck is like the Enderman, he pranks humans. He would listen to this whenever he feels "Like an Enderman", when he pranks a human.

♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Parody

Trololo by Edward Khil

I chose this song because it has been popularized because it sounds like a trolling song, although it is not. He would listen to this while he is making mischief, like when he puts the donkey head on Nick Bottom. The singer keeps saying "troll" throughout the video.

Trololo Sing Along!

Nyan Cat by Daniwell-P/Momone Momo

I choose this song because the Nyan Cat appears to be magical (like Puck), because he's leaving a rainbow trail. Anytime where Puck uses magic is when he would listen to this.

Nyan Cat [original]

They See Me Trollin' by Chamillionaire

Puck "trolls" people throughout the play (although not for fun), and this song's main theme is trolling. When he puts the love potion on Lysander, he would listen to this.

they see me trollin full song


Puck is magical, and this song appears to happen in the times of castles, which is when A Midsummer's Night's Dream seems to occur. Also, there is a mythical creature within the song's video, and Puck is a mythical creature. He would probably listen to this anytime in the play where he uses magic.

The Mean Kitty Song by SMP Films

In this song, the "mean kitty" reminds me of Puck, because they both have mischievous behaviors. He would listen to this any of the times that he is putting the potion on someone's eyes.
The Mean Kitty Song

Ninja Glare by Ryan Higa

Since Puck cannot be seen by the characters and the song keeps saying "you can't see me", Puck might listen to this while putting the liquid on the character's eyes.
The Ninja Glare

Trolling Theme Song by ZexyZek and TooMuchMacaroni

This was made as a parody to the Pokèmon theme song, just "trollified". When Puck puts the donkey head on Bottom, he would love to listen to "Gotta Troll 'em all".
♪ "Trolling Theme Song" A Minecraft Parody of The Pokèmon Theme Song! ♪

The Power | Snap

Puck does "have the power" to use his magic. He would always listen to it whenever he used his magic.
Snap - I ve Got The power

That Power | Will I Am

Almost the same as "The Power"; it talks about power, and Puck would listen to it under the same circumstances. ft. Justin Bieber - That Power (Official Video)