Scabies really get under your skin

Signs and symptoms

  • Intense itching in pubic area
  • Visible tracks that the mites produce when burrowing under the skin
  • Visible bite marks on the body, red spots where eggs are layed

Cure/ Treatment

  • Special shampoos and cream
  • Wash all cloths and bedding
  • Vacuum and clean your home

Facts about Scabies

  • The mite called "scabiei var hominis" that affects people is female
  • Females are usually .3 to .4 mm long
  • Males are half the size of females
  • Scabies cannot fly or jump
  • Scabies crawl rate is 2.5 cm per min.
  • They become immobile at 20°C
  • Scabies can last 2-3 days off the human body
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