Thor's Report

September 4th, 2022

Odin's Procession

Odin's Procession capped off a great second week of school. Odin welcomed the Freshman class as well as new upperclass students and new staff in a wonderful, time honored ceremony. Thank you to all the parents and guardians who came to watch the festivities. If you missed it, no need to worry, you can watch the video stream by following this LINK.

-Mr. Johnson

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Minimum Day Schedule - Wednesday, Sept 7th

In order to prepare for Back to School Night, Valhalla High School will follow a Minimum Day Bell Schedule on Wednesday, September 7th.
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Back to School Night - Sept 7th

You are cordially invited to “Back to School” Night on Wednesday, September 7th. Back to School Night is a chance for you to step into your student’s shoes as you tour the campus and follow their class schedule. This night also gives you the opportunity to meet with teachers as they review class expectations and course curriculum. Class sessions are set for 10 minutes each with additional time built into Period 4 to view a Welcome Presentation from Principal Johnson and our PTO.

Parking is available in the Student Parking Lot and the East Parking Lot; arrive early to avoid traffic and enjoy FREE food in the Pool Quad starting at 4:45pm. Class sessions start with period 1 at 5:35pm and end with Period 7 at 7:20pm.

Some students will get schedule changes for Tuesday

Due to low class size numbers, we have had to close three classes to better balance out our student numbers in all classes. If you have a student in the following classes, they will get an updated schedule over the weekend. Students in the following classes will all be receiving a notice of change.

  • Ms. Wallace's 7th per. Conceptual Physics class,
  • Mr. Owens' 3rd period Global Studies/Geography class,
  • Mr. Girard's 6th period IM I math class, and
  • Ms. Medin's 6th period IM II math class

This may be as easy as switching to a new class the same period with no other changes, or could involve a couple of changes to different classes.

We are committed to making this change with as little impact to the students as possible.

NEW Tardy Policy

It is important for your child to be on time to class. Students miss out on vital information and instruction when they arrive tardy to class. Starting this week, students tardy to class 3 or more times in a week will be assigned lunch detention.

Please impress upon your student the importance of arriving to class on time.

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Loss of Privilege (LOP)

Attendance and behavior are a priority at Valhalla High School. There is a direct correlation between student achievement, behavior, and attendance. Every day missed is a lost opportunity for students to learn. In addition, students who are assigned detention or other consequences for school violations must fulfill their consequences.

Students are placed on the LOP list if they have:

  • been marked tardy (unexcused) 10 or MORE times and/or

  • more than 10 period truancies (There is a difference between an ¨explained¨ absence [called in by the parent so the student is not truant but still requiring under California Ed Code that we ask students to attend school to ¨make up” the attendance time] and a truancy [student should be in school and either willfully does not attend or there is no parent contact to the Attendance office within 72 hours of the absence].

  • failed to serve assigned detention(s)

  • had a significant behavior incident discussed with you by an Administrator

Homecoming 2022

This year's homecoming football game is on Friday, September 16th against Santana High School. The Homecoming Dance is on Saturday, September 17th - stay tuned for more info from ASB.
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We have Six Counselors!

If you haven't had a chance to see the counselor caseload breakdown yet for the 2022-2023 school year, please take a look. Most students will remain with their same counselor, but there have been a few shifts.

The counselors' alpha breakdown by last name is as follows:

  • A-Ba: Mrs. Kissel
  • Be-F: Mrs. Watt (formerly Feltch)
  • G-Kh: Mrs. Ruiz
  • Ki-N: Mrs. DeFoney
  • O-Sh: Ms. Ziegenbein
  • Si-Z: Ms. Holechek

Join the California Scholarship Federation!

Hello parents! The CSF fall application cycle is starting! We are doing the applications differently this year. Instead of it being a digital application, the process will take place on paper. The color-coded applications (green for juniors and blue for seniors) will be in Mr. Wall's room (101). Applications are due Wednesday, September 21 at 3:30 pm.

If your student has a question about the application process, there will be three meetings in Mr. Wall's room (101) where they can ask for guidance:

  • Tuesday, September 13 at 3:40 pm
  • Wednesday, September 14 at lunch
  • Thursday, September 15 at 8 am

This application cycle is only open to current juniors and seniors.

Completing a Survey Gives Valhalla $$$

You may have received a link to the Annual Family Information Form (AFIF) from the district office. The information collected through the AFIF brings additional funding to Valhalla - which allows us to have additional elective courses, reduce class size and support the many amazing programs we offer our students.

Please take a moment to complete the Annual Family Information Form, click HERE, so we can continue Valhalla's tradition of excellence.

Students can purchase insurance for their Chromebook!

The Grossmont Union High School District offers an optional Chromebook Protection Plan to students and families. The plan may be purchased yearly or in a multi-year offering at a discount. Students/parents that do not opt-in to the warranty program shall be responsible for fines equal to the current replacement cost of the materials and/or parts.

All plans must be purchased from the Finance Office or WEBSTORE by September 23rd. New Students have 30 days to purchase a plan.

Valhalla’s PTO is eager to get back to school and support the programs that have become tradition at Valhalla! Grad Nite, Baccalaureate, Scholarships, Teacher Grants, Educational Programs, Test Snacks, Hospitality and more, are just a few of the things we support. Whether you are a new parent to the school or returning, you can count on us to stay up to date with all the happenings at school! We know that navigating high school is not only a challenge for the students, but for the parents as well.

We are here to support you as parents at Valhalla. Please check out our PTO website to learn about us and see how you can help! Join us by becoming a member, purchasing class T-shirts and swag! All your donations stay directly at Valhalla and will be used to sponsor events and

activities for the students, teachers, and community. You do not have to volunteer your time to become a member. However, we would love to have you whenever you are available to help! Sign up to be a volunteer!

Find out how your business can sponsor PTO. And finally, don’t forget to

check us out on social media and leave us some comments!

Click HERE to explore the PTO website and become a member.