Plant Growth

roxanne & eddie


Hypothesise one for this project was about right I thought that the clay would suck the water out of the plant and it did. The clay hardened and killed the pant. The rocky dirt would let the water flow right through it. The rocky dirt it too hard for the roots to grow. The sand was to lose for the plant to dig it roots into it to grow. The regular potting soil is is allowing the plant to grow big.



Plant 1 and plant 3 grew the most. Plant 1 was the sand and plant 3 was the rocky soil. Plant 2 did not grow right at all. Plant 4 did all right it was green and had some kind of buds. Plant 3 grew the most, than plant 1, plant 5, plant 4, and plant 2. The plant 2 just kept keeping the water in the pot and didn't soak up anything. Plant 3 soaked in the most water so it grew the better. Overall I think that plant 3 grew the best and had good buds on them.

Eddie & Roxanne

Science Class