Egypt's Galore


Almost Everything's A Desert Now!

Desalination is the process by which grasslands change into desert. Which is what is happening to the Black Lands in Egypt. Everything is starting to get dryer. All the grass is dying, and all the trees are dying as well. We are trying to water the grass, but there is just to much sun out. How do I know this? Well I'm actually reading a book about this! Desalination relates to my book because it talks about what countries go through deslanination almost everyday.

Get Your Work Done by Hiring...

Fellahin are farmers in Egypt who live in villages amd work on small plots of land they rent from landowners. Well we have a lot of those people here in Egypt. If you would like a fellahin to stop by your small plot of land, call 319-321-987. I've read about fellahins and actually let one rent my small land and work on it, and he did a fantastic job. Don't forget to call, 319-321-987!

At least We Don't Have An Embargo Law!

An embargo is an order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country. Some countries that have an embargo law, are Cuba, Iran and Sudan. Atleast our country, Egypt doesn't have an embargo law, because that's what helps us get our goods. Embargo laws are mostly made by the U.S. If we had an embargo law restricting us from trading anything we wouldn't be able to sell our goods to export them. Not having that law really helps us out a lot.

What's The Important Stuff?

The Suez Canal is very important to us in very many ways. In fact it's one of the most important waterways. Ships use the Suez Canal to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. This canal separates the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt. So as you can tell the Suez Canal is very important to us.

What Is OPEC?

Well first of all OPEC stands for, Orgsnization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The "OPEC" works to increase income from the sale of oil. To be more specific they coordinatate and unify petroleum policies.

What About Our Crops?

Egypts main crops are Sugarcane, Fruits, and Vegetables. A lot of people sell crops to raise money for their families. But is that all we use from our crops? No! We use the stems of some plants for boats, mats, and etc. Upper Egypt uses the sugarcane about 90% for its sugar. Also wheat. We use wheat to make bread, porridge, and many other useful things.
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