Battle Of North Africa

After Italy (one of the Axis) entered World War ll in June 1940, war started to spread to North Africa, where Libya bordered the British (one of the Allies) protectorate of Egypt. In the month of September Marshall Graziani and his troops began to land offensive. After the Italians captured the port of Sidi el-Barrini, the British planned counter attacks and launched it in the month of December, they were led by General Wavell.

The British armaments grew each day, but the Italians supplies started to get less and less. The Italians had no choices but to leave. Hitler was very shocked bye the Italians failure, so Hitler sent the German Afrika Korps, they were commanded by General Erwin Rommel.

The Italians caught the British by surprise on February 1941, by carrying out an audacious triple attack on the Sollum-Halfaya line on the Egyptian border. The Germans took control of one of the key ports in Benghazi, called Cyrenacia Tobruk. In June 1941, the British attempted to liberate Tobrk, but got stopped the Germans defense. The Allies soon launched Operation Crusader with a new general in charge, his name is General Auchinleck. By the lack of supplies and weaponry, the Axis forces had to retreat to El Aghelia. In the end of 1941, the British had liberated Tobruk.

Supplies was one big issues in the year of 1941. But starting the new year British supplies started to overextend, making Rommel and his men want to make a counter attack on the British. The British then had to retreat to their defensive position. Then in November 1942 the British got their payback with Operation Torch led by America. America then helped the Allies defeat the Axis forces, more than 230,000 troops surrendered, making this the end of the campaign.


This is one of the British attackes called Operation Torch.