Scientific Revolution

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What Was The Change?

The scientific revolution was a time period when many inventions and theories. The scientific revolution influenced philosophers. They felt confident that they could discover natural laws that govern human behavior. New medicines were invented at this time. The scientific was also invented, and people looked at problems with logic instead of blindly following the church. Copernicus challenged the teachings that Earth was the center of the universe. He instead stated that the earth revolved around the sun. Using calculus, Newton proved this theory. Galileo also perfected the telescope at this time. Using his observations, he proved the church wrong and Copernicus correct in his theory.

Who were the people?

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How did the scientific revolution impact the world socially today?

what it is

The basis for the Scientific Revolution was the Scientific Method. The scientific method uses observation and experimentation to explain theories on the workings of the universe. This process removed blind adherence to tradition from science, and allowed scientists to logically find answers through the use of reason. This method of research is the basis for modern science.

How is that change evidence in today's modern society?