By: Medha

All Genres

  • Fantasy- Medha
  • Science Fiction- Tristan
  • Realistic Fiction- Dheeraj
  • Historical Fiction- Dheeraj
  • Romance (Love Stories)- Jordan
  • Thriller (Horror/Scary Stories)- Dheeraj
  • Mystery- Medha
  • Humor- Tristan
  • Adventure- Tristan
  • Autobiography- Jordan
  • Biography- Medha
  • Memoir- Jordan


Biography is a true story about someones life.It is not written by the subject of the story.


Mystery is when the story includes detectives and crimes.Mystery also includes a lot of suspense.A mystery novel almost always solves a puzzle.


Fantasy is when the story includes magic or other mystic occurrence. Fantasy also includes magical or mythological creatures.


The adventure genre includes exciting events involving risk and physical danger.Adventure has been a very common genre every since the earliest days of writing.


Where the author tells a story of his or her own life, in which they grow as a person or there is a dramatic change. These stories are very personal and deep.


In which two subjects (animals / people) fall in love and struggle to stay together.Normally, these stories end with a happy ending involving the power of love.


The thriller genre is a book or movie that is supposed to be terrifying and full of horror


Humor is when the text is funny and humorous.But still keep in mind that humor is very different that comedy.

Science Fiction

Science-Fiction is usually when the plot of the story has to do with science or technology.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is when it includes real life historical events or people.


Constantly confused with auto-biography, memoir is similar… but not the same.In memoir, people are trying to express an event, not feelings and thoughts.


Realistic-Fiction is a genre that includes stories that could actually happen to people or animals in real life.