Henry Ford

Inventor of Ford trucks By; Haleigh / Edward

Important Inventions

1. Made a model T car.

2. Made a horse-less carriage.

3. Made a simple, cheap, affordable car.

4. Made a car that ran on ethanol.

5. Created the assembly line.

Henry Ford

1. He was an entrepreneur.

2. Almost elected as president.

3. Bought a Redstone School House.

4. Expanded on religious thoughts.

5. Pioneer of aviationin 2002.

Impact of Inventions

1. Made traveling a lot easier.

2. Assembly line made production easier.

3. Cars are needed these days because we have big city's.

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Background of Inventor

1. Born July 30 1863.

2. Died April 7 1947.

3. Born in Greenville, Michigan.

4. He was 84 when he died .

5. Earned a promotion for Chief engineer.

6. He left home when he was 16 years old.

7. America's leading businessman.

8. He was a pacifist during world war 1.

9. $5 per-day was the mineum wage.

10. He made a car with no brakes.



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My opinion

Haleigh: Henry Ford has been a big help to the United States because the cars that he has made have helped us with thousands of things like traveling and all of that good stuff. People are very thank-ful for this invention because we do not have to walk or ride in a carriage every-where.

Edward: I think Henry making affordable cars was a really good idea to help many people back then and now so many people could travel a lot quicker but the idea of using gas pollutes the air a lot more which we need to survive so I like electric cars more so we don't have to buy gas all the time and so we can have more money to do other things.