Mrs. Finch's Class News

Vol. 1, Issue 14

Week of January 18th-22th, 2016

Thank you to all who have graciously given me feedback on the parent survey regarding homework. I thank you for your honest feedback and you all were so thoughtful in adding your own comments.

As a result of your feedback, I am going to discontinue the weekly reading log (this week will be the last log), but keep the word study notebook. Each week about 70% of the reading logs are turned in. I can see progress in the students who continue to read regularly at home and I thank you for your support with this reading. With the absence of the log, my hope is that the reading focus will turn to reading for pleasure or to gain information therefore increasing relevancy.

However, there was overwhelming response in support of the word study notebook much to my surprise. I am thrilled to know that so many of you feel that your child has improved in spelling (and perhaps handwriting) by completing the activities each day. It will stay the same.

Report cards come home on Friday. Attached to your child's report card will be his/her Istation report (reading skills). Please look over it and know this is for your records. This report does not need to come back with the report card.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Finch

Academic Focus: Week of January 18, 2016


Target Skill: Sequence of Events

Reading Strategy: Visualize

Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms (opposites)

Phonics: Long i

i, igh, ie, y

Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement

Writing: Narrative Writing

Math: Patterns, Number Sequence, Equal Groups

Social Studies/Science

Resources; Natural and Man-Made

Weekly Spelling Words

Long i

1. night

2. right

3. kind

4. high

5. spy

6. wild

7. child

8. July

9. light

10. fry

11. find

12. sigh

Review words: by, why


Tuesday--ABC Order (10 words)

Wednesday--Vowels/Consonants (same words as ABC order)

Thursday--5 Spelling Sentences or Spelling Story (5 words)

Order Your Austin Elementary Yearbook Online

Click on the link below ( Enter the school's pay code 81263. Order online through March 4, 2016.

Yearbooks are $16 each.

If you wish to order by check, make checks payable to "Austin PTA" and complete the envelope sent home last week with your child. If you need another envelope, let me know or stop by the school office.

Other questions may be sent to

Order your yearbook here!
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Our school attendance is great! Our class goal for 2016 is to have 0 tardies for one full week, Monday thru Friday. As every school day counts, so does being at school on time.

Last week's attendance results: We did not meet our goal.

Tardies--4 (previous week: 4)

Please remember that when your child is absent you must send in a note explaining the absence (or a dr.'s note) for it to be considered excused.

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Six Flags Reading Program

Don't forget the deadline is fast approaching (February 16th). Be sure to keep reading. Reading for pleasure minutes count (not homework). Record these minutes on your log.

Roo Spirit Day

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 8am-3:15pm

Austin Elementary School, Weatherford, TX, United States

Weatherford, TX

Wear your Roo blue!

No School/MLK Holiday

Monday, Jan. 18th, 7:45am-3:15pm

Austin Elementary School, Weatherford, TX, United States

Weatherford, TX

Report Cards Come Home

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 3:15pm

Austin Elementary School, Weatherford, TX, United States

Weatherford, TX

CiCi's Night

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 5-7pm

325 Adams Drive

Weatherford, TX