Aloha Honolulu

By: The Olivias

Today's Weather for Honolulu

Good Morning! It’s 7:08 in the morning in Honolulu Hawaii with a mild temperature of 72ºF. It’s mostly sunny with a few clouds. The sunrise has already happened today at 5:50 a.m. this morning, but if you missed it you can always watch the sunset later on at 7:07 p.m. There has been no precipitation today yet, but watch out for scattered showers later in the day. So that means we're going to start off the day with high pressure but then it’s going to change to a low pressure day. There are now gusts of wind going at the speed of five mph coming from the ENE. It’s very humid today with the humidity of 86% so there will be a lot of moisture in the air. Also the barometric pressure is 30.06. So remember to carry an umbrella with you today.

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The geography for Hawaii is that it’s South West on the continent of North America. That affects the climate of Hawaii because it’s close to the equator so that means it is hot there because places like Puerto Rico and Hawaii are getting more direct sunlight. Hawaii is made up of a chain of 132 islands and has the longest chain of islands in the world. Hawaii is 1,523 miles long. The total area of Hawaii is 6,459 square miles, the total land area is 6,423 square miles and the total water area is 36 square miles. Also the Pacific Ocean surrounds Hawaii and it has a major lake which is called Salt Lake. This impacts the weather because the ocean and lakes makes the temperature cooler by the ocean spray of the wind and it also makes the weather not as extreme. The highest point in Hawaii reaches a high altitude of 13,796 feet. At this elevation it is very rainy. The average annual rainfall is very different among the islands of Hawaii. The amount of precipitation falling on the the islands ranges from 10 inches to over 400 inches. Usually the rain falls on the Eastern side of the island and in the areas of 2,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level. Some islands like Niihaw, Lanai and Kahoolawe get little precipitation because they’re in rain shadows. The middle elevation is 3,030 feet above sea level, and the lowest point in Hawaii is at the lovely shores.

About Today

Since there will be scattered showers later in the day, you might want to carry an umbrella with you. Even though it’s going to be raining out it’s still going to be hotter out later on, so be sure to wear shorts and a T-shirt. So this morning we will be having fair weather but then later on it’s going to go down hill to not so nice weather. Don’t go to the beach today or else you’ll be rained on. This has been the morning weather forecast for today.