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Success After Traumatic Brain Injury

The webinar will cover:

· What are PTSD and TBI?

· What are some common signs and symptoms? How are these two invisible wounds related?

Tips For:

· Attention, concentration, organizing, planning, memory, thought processing, self-awareness;

· Managing symptoms such as headaches, sleep disturbances, pain, vision problems, dizziness, and mood changes; and

· Building a Success Team and where to get more support.

Clint Pearman, MS, PCBIS MGySgt USMC (Ret)

Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist Regional Education Coordinator, CTR Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center Contractor

Learn how to recognize, prevent and recover from Traumatic Brain Injury.

DVBIC supports a network of 16 centers, operating out of 11 military treatment facilities and five Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers. The specific activities vary at each site and can include:

  • conducting research
  • providing education in military and civilian settings
  • providing direct care to service members
  • helping service members, veterans and their families locate services
  • and assessing TBI injury data.

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