Elementary Math Update

Changes, Support and Summer Professional Development

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End of Year

As we prepare for the end of the year and begin to plan for the next year, there are a few things you can do to support teachers. Consider collecting fluency data for each grade level and using this data to plan intervention groups for August and September of next year. There is no need to wait 6 weeks into school or to waste instructional days collecting data you already have. We know the summer impacts retention. Be proactive!

Pacing changes, curriculum maps, and Investigations

Curriculum Map Creation

The district will reemphasize Math Investigations as its core curriculum for the 2015-2016 schools year. Curriculum maps are being designed to continue to support planning. New maps will include guidance for deliberate instruction of problem types beginning at grade K. They will also contain replacement materials for different grade levels as recommended by classroom teachers. We are not eliminating or overhauling the curriculum. We are adding material based on the needs of students and reflections from the classroom. A teacher team of 22 will be working on maps 6/15-6/23. All maps for number units only will be revised and completed by 7/1, in time for summer planning sessions. Maps will be housed temporarily in a Google folder until our state resource repository (NClor) is ready for use.
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District K-2 Benchmark Assessments

In an effort to better support k-2 teachers and students a team of teachers under the leadership of Susan Copeland will be writing district benchmarks for k-2. Our plan at this time is to create assessments after each number unit. These assessments will assess critical areas for each grade level and inform progress toward critical areas at each grade. State mid-year and summative assesments will also be provided for schools who wish to take them. District benchmark timelines will be proposed for grades k-5 to help collect student data across the district and inform professional development sessions for teachers. Our hope is to design content sessions for teachers based on the needs of their students as informed by benchmark data.
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Dreambox Support Available: 5/12-5/15

You are not obligated but this is a great time of year to get teachers and students who are unfamiliar or not on board with DreamBox some support.

Contact Trinnette Morris, our Dreambox support by Next Tuesday, May 5th, to book an appointment during the week of 5/11!

Trinnette@dreambox.com 407.312.7145

KEA: NC Kindergarten Entry Assessment

In light of the state effort to collect data for all kindergarten students as part of the KEA initiative we will be funding licenses for AMC for every kindergarten teacher in the district. The AMC counting assessment will inform all but two areas of the KEA object counting assessment. Grade K teachers who choose not to use the AMC assessment next year may be opting to use a district created object counting assessment on paper and enter data both in Schoolnet and online in the state platform. We are suggesting that all kindergarten teachers login and familiarize themselves with the AMC platform before this year ends. Next year will be upon them before they know it.
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A note from Dr. Polly: Are you posing effective tasks to your students?

Here are some great resources:

NCDPI K-2 tasks-


NCDPI 3-5 tasks-


EOG information -

Grade 3-5:

NCDPI releases a more detailed End of Grade test framework- http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/testing/technicalnotes

Video Collection: You should have received an email this week...

We are collecting your videos and sharing them across the district! Our goal is to link videos to curriculum maps so that teaches and students can use them as they are teaching and exploring units in math. The videos are not designed to be used to teach children exclusively. They offer a window into how students might approach different math ideas, Strategies or representations. Videos will be linked by 7/30! Just in time for 2015-2016.

Summer PD

Our last cohort of the A+ grant will be starting August 3rd. We are excited to see the impact of content and AMC practice PD coupled with in-class coaching for K-2 teachers. Please stay tuned. JV Washam, Devonshire, Briarwood, Myers Park Traditional, the new Highland Creek Relief and Oakhurst will all be a part of the cohort. We are excited about the work that these teachers, teacher leaders, facilitators and students will do over the next year!

Math and Literacy Integration and Big Ideas In K-2 or 3-5 Math sessions will be held throughout the month of July. Teachers will be invited to attend half day sessions for flex certificate days. All sessions will be held at Croft Community Elementary. Stay tuned for a summer PD bulletin from the teacher PD department.

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Welcome Gabr'l Stackhouse

Many of you have not had a chance to meet Gabe because the final facilitator meeting was cancelled due to strain on buildings. This is Gabe and her family! She is glad to be here and serve any of you. Call or email her anytime! She is anxiously awaiting a connection with each of you!

Welcome Gabe!

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Let us know if you need anything!

Gabrl Stackhouse: 9803432789 gabrlc.stackhouse@cms.k12.nc.us

Kaneka Turner: 9803432792 k.turner@cms.k12.nc.us