By: Christian Thomas

Racial segregation

The national party took over Africa to gain power in 1948. They banned mixed marriages in 1950. Also, between 1961 and 1994 Africans were moved from their homes so the land can be sold to European farmers. The colored and non-colored were separated so they could not live near each other. The Native Act made all Black Africans carry Identification with them at all times.

Apartheid definition

Apartheid- A rigid policy of segregation of the colored population
-It started in 1948
-It ended in 1991
-Africa was the place it started

South Africa

Four races classified in South Africa
- Black Africans
- Mixed Races
- Descendants of the Boers and the British
- Indian and Pakistan Immigrants
Apartheid failed in South Africa because so many people were against it.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela led the African National Congress. He was in jail once before until he was voted out of jail. He wanted to always wear long pants than shorts because in jail you had to wear shorts in the old days.


Population Registration Act- South Africans were split up into four groups
Separate Development Policy- 9 African groups was a nation of its own homeland
Immorality Act- no mixed marriages
Group Areas Act- Black Africans were moved from their homes to racially designated areas
Native Land Law- 1913, no whites can buy African Land
Comprehensive Anti Apartheid Act- 1986, A policy for the USA to respect the end of apartheid
Natives Act- Blacks had to carry ID with them at all times