constitutional convention

constitution discution

You are cordially invited to be a part of the process of developing a new constitution. the constitutional convention will be held in May 14 of 1787. The meeting will be located at the State House in Philadelphia. For the sake of our country and for the better of the constitution the discussion of it will last 5 months. The meeting will come to closure on September 17 of 1987, if everything goes as planned.
Conflict & Compromise: The Constitutional Convention
We are honored to inform that Alexander Hamlinton, James Wilson, Benjamin Franklin, William Paterson and George Washington will accompany us in this reunion to discuss the specific topics with the purpose of uniting the United States.

Alexander Hamlinton

Alexander Hamlinton was born in Charleston the capital of the island of Navis in January 11, 1755. In the Autumn of 1772 to Boston, Massachusettes at Elizabethtown located in New Yersey to attend college. in 1775 at the first engagement of American Troops with the Brittish Hamlinton joined a New York volunteer militia known as Heart of Oak. Hamlinton was invited to become an aide to Henry Knox and to Nathanel Greene, however he declined the invitation. Later Hamlinton recived an invitation he felt that he could not decline, this was to serve as Washingtons aide. This invitaion he didnt decline. He served for four years as Washingtons aide. On December 14, 1780 Hamlinton married Elisabeth Schuyler. She was the daugther of Philip Schuyler who was a wealthy landowner. In Febuary of 1781, he was midly reprimanded by Washington and he used this as an excuse to resing his staff position. He is looking foward to joining us in the Constitutional Convention.
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James Wilson

James Wilson was born in Scotland in Febuary 14th of 1742. Thought he never finished his studies he attended various Univesities such as St.Andrews Glasgow and Edinburgh. Soon James became a tutor in Philadelphia. Wilson was into laws thats why he set uo his own practice in the year of 1768. A few years later he married Rachel Bird. In the year of 1774 he wrote an essay that challenged the parlimentary autority and states their mistakes. James Wilson soon becomes a member of the Pennsilvanian Provincial Congress. That same year, 1775, Wilson signs the Declaration of Independance and was part of the Second Constitutional Congress. In the next years he was an occasional member of the Continental Congress.
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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston. He was son of Josiah Franklin a soap maker, His mother was Abiah Folfer, the second wife of Joshia. Benjamins dad would eventually be the father of 17 kids. When Franklin was 15 his brother started a newspaper, 'The New England Courrant.' Eventhough there were two other newspapers before he started this paper was different because it had oppinions, advertisments and ship schedlules. Benjamin also wanted to write for the paper but he knew that his brother would never let him so he sneaked in and wrote in the newspaper.

William Paterson

William Paterson was born in Ireland in 1745. When he was 2 years old his family. including him, emigrated to America. While his father traveled around the country his family lived in New London. In 1750 the family settled in Priceton, New Jersey. There he became a merchant and manufacturesd tin goods.This made him be able to pay his William a private education and the College of New Jersey. he took classed until 1768. then he studied law in the city of Princeton under Richard Stockton. He later singed the Declaration of Independance.

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George Washington

George Washington was born in Febuary 22, 1732. He was the first president of the United States. He was also the comander in cheif of the continental army during the revolutionary war, and one of the founding fathers of the united states. In addition George Washington will be drafting th econstituion of independance which will replace the Articles of Confederation and which remains the supreme law of the land.


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