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Working as a Paramedic

Just like any other occupation, working as a paramedic might have some challenges. Overcoming those challenges will only make you more skilled, and will make you more advanced. Some challenges I will face if I work as an Immediate Care Paramedic is maintaining the people and back- injuries. The first challenge I might face when working as a paramedic is maintaining people. When working as a paramedic you must communicate with the relatives, friends, spouses of the victims or the bystanders. Some of these people might have unruly manners and might have outbursts, and working as a paramedic you must calm them down and maintain the people. This would be an issue because I definitely cannot handle when people are screaming at me, let alone trying to push through to get to the victim, because I am very shy at times it would be difficult to maintain the people. The solution to this are my leadership skills. One of my strong skills is leadership, I can manage a group, and with those skills I probably can manage and calm down the people. The next challenge is back- injuries. When working as a paramedic you have to carry a lot of weight. It varies on the patient but you must be ready to carry a lot of weight. Carrying a lot of weight can cause lower back pain, this sort of pain keeps building and building if you don’t stop what caused it. Of course you cannot just quit your job, but you can prevent it from happening. The solution to lower back pain is just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can eat healthy, do regular exercises, drink a lot of water and maintain a good sleep schedule. Doing this will strengthen my muscles and my athletic ability because when working as a paramedic, your physical ability is key since you’re always on the move. Those are the major challenges I probably will face when working as a paramedic and those are the solutions to the challenges that I must overcome.