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We are having a great time in art class while creating some beautiful works of art. You should have your student signed up for Artsonia, our online digital portfolio of student artwork. If you are not familiar with Artsonia please send me an email and I will help get you connected.

The newsletter will bring you up to date on what's happening in the art studio at Brentmoor.

Mrs. Jacqui Spetrino

BrentmoorArtStudio Nov202017

Ohio School Board Capital Conference

On November 14th I had a unique opportunity to showcase my program at the Ohio School Board conference in Columbus. I brought a group of Brentmoor and Morton students to demonstrate how we use technology to make our artwork come to life. It was a wonderful trip. The students did a fantastic job speaking with adults and teaching them what we do in art class. We even won an achievement award for one of the most impressive programs in the state! Check out the video below to see out students in action!


We have been experimenting with painting. Mrs. Thompkin's class created peacock portrait paintings and Mrs. Sauric's students painted sunflowers. We will be starting a holiday/winter project next. Check out to find their new artwork!

First Grade

In Mr. Rapp's class we are learning about Claude Monet and Impressionism. Students are drawing self-portraits of themselves on Monet's Japanese bridge. Mrs. Carmona's class just finished creating Mondrian Minions, while learning about the primary colors.

Second Grade

Second graders are working on self-portraits. Mrs. Morgan's class created beautiful pastel self-portraits on black paper. Mrs. Rupert's students are finishing up their "Bad case of stripes" self-portrait paintings. This week both classes will animate their artwork to reflect on their learning. We are hoping to post animations on Seasaw. Stay tuned!

Third Grade Mrs. Kelly's class

We have been learning about value and color mixings. Students created beautiful cardinal paintings in a blue sky. They learned how to mix tints and shades. Make sure to check out their art of Artsonia. It's really beautiful!

Third Grade Mrs. Runyan's class

I'm very proud of Mrs. Runyan's class they have been working for weeks creating elaborate Heather Galler landscapes. Students have been working diligently to add patterns to a patchwork landscape mimicking the style of folk artist, Heather Galler.

Fourth Grade Mrs. Tracz's class

Students have been diligently creating colorful self-portraits that include many patterns in the style of Heather Gather. We will be finishing them up over the next couple weeks. We can't wait to share them with you!

Fourth Grade Mrs. Kilpeck's class

We have been learning about Zentangling in fourth grade. Students created self-portraits that use zentangle patterns to make themselves look unique. It was a lot of fun turning ourselves into cartoons.

Fifth Grade

We finally finished our 3D paintings in fifth grade! Students have been working very hard on this project and it really shows! We are beginning two lessons on self-portraits. One will be a self-guided lesson on google classroom and the other will be a drawing in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.

Brentmoor's Artsonia Art Gallery

I will be posting student work in his/her digital portfolio this year. If you do not know what Artsonia is yet please email me and I will make sure you get set up properly.

Students in grades 2-5 will be using Artsonia in class to submit artwork and write reflections on it. If you have not given permission through the link in the email, your child cannot participate. Please do so as soon as possible. *I sent slips home to all students that are missing parent permission.

Grading scale for student work

Elementary Art students’ assessment is based on the following:

  • Knowledge and use of art concepts including the elements of art and principles of design

  • Craftsmanship (control of tools and materials)

  • Creative Expression (The ability to use memory and imagination for visual expression)

  • Demonstrates and understanding of artistic concepts

  • Demonstrates artistic techniques appropriate to grade level

O Outstanding 9.5-10 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Applies elements and principles of design in a highly effective manner.

  • Shows superb craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates a high level or creativity and originality

  • Uses previous knowledge towards new lessons

  • Demonstrates ability beyond grade level

S+ Above Average 8-9.4 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Shows some awareness of applying elements and principles of design

  • Shows an effective level of craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates creativity

  • Makes connections to prior learning

  • Demonstrates above grade level ability

S Satisfactory 7-7.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Demonstrates an average understanding in the application of the elements and principles of design

  • Shows an adequate level of craftsmanship

  • Demonstrates some creativity

  • Begins to make connections to previous knowledge

  • Demonstrates grade level ability

S- Below Average 6-6.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

  • Demonstrates less than grade level understanding of the elements and principles of design.

  • Shows limited craftsmanship

  • Shows a low level of creativity

  • Has difficulty in making connections to previous knowledge

  • Demonstrates below grade level ability

NI Needs Improvement 5.9 or less out of 10

The student:

  • Has not adequately completed art work

  • Needs improvement in skill and technique application

Mrs. Jacqui Spetrino

I am excited to begin my first year teaching here at Brentmoor. I have been an educator in Mentor for thirteen years, where I serve as department coordinator for the district's Elementary Art Department. I also teach at Sterling Morton Elementary the second half of the week.

I pride myself in creating a classroom community where every child feels safe, welcomed and relaxed. My art studio is a place where we nurture each other's creative processes and children confidently learn to take risks while developing a sense of pride in their artwork. Your children will have the opportunity to work with many different mediums and styles of art. My curriculum includes all of the Ohio Visual Arts standards while focusing on the common core discovery style of learning and many 21st century skills. If you would like to keep up with all the creative things happening in our art studio, please click the link below and follow me on Twitter.