Pearl Harbor


The Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was devastating. Pearl Harbor represent all the heartbreak of that tragic day. Pearl Harbor was important because it symbolizes the 2000 deaths in the attack.

History of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is important because of it history. Pearl Harbor is located on the island of Honolulu. The attack on pearl harbor was devastating, but someone after the fight built something to remember all the deaths in the attack on pearl harbor and his name was Alfred Prease and it was made in 1962.

The meaning of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is important because of the meaning. you can contribute to all the soldiers that died in the WWII by visiting Pearl Harbor. the bombing on pearl harbor happened in 1954.

The Pearl Harbor landmark

Pearl Harbor is still a very impotent landmark today. What pearl harbor looks like is hard to explain. It's a really cool site to see its worth going to Peal Harbor and remembering all the lives lost. over 2000 thousand solders lost there live that day.

the conclusion

Pearl Harbor symbolizes the live lost in the war. the history of pearl harbor is it was the best place to have a army base because it had a narrow water path so it cant be assaulted by the sea that easy.its a great place to visit to remember the live lost.