CCIRA 2016

Colorado Council International Reading Association


Curiosity was a running theme throughout the sessions I attended. While I was able to choose my sessions, and tailor my learning to my interests, it was great to hear consistency in message, no matter what the topic may have been.

I Attended...

  • Curiosity in the Classroom: A Springboard for Student Success
  • Wild About Research!
  • How Much Could YOU Write with 26 Letters and 10 Sight Words? (Secret Stories!)
  • Next Steps in Differentiated Literacy Centers
  • Reinventing Learning for the 21st Century Student
  • Conscious Leadership... The Teacher's Guide to Inspiring Youth to Live Live on Purpose
  • Igniting a Sense of Wonder
  • Connecting withe the World Through Technology
  • Kid-Friendly Research: A Journey Around the World

My "Top 3" Sessions (in no particular order...)

Educational Apps List

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Please make sure these are on the "JeffCO Approved Apps" list before downloading! I'm simply sharing a selection I learned about.

Explain Everything

Green Screen


Show Me

Book Creator

Chatter Pix


(See for many more with descriptions!)