An Allegory is a hidden message or meaning in a story. In the Lord of the Flies, the hidden message is that we humans are the beasts. The boys were afraid of the beasts on the islands when really they were the beasts the whole time.

Chapter 1. The Sound of the Shell

  • The significance of this title is because they find the Conch and make the sound to find all of the other boys on the island.


  • The Conch shell is found
  • Piggy starts getting picked on
  • The boys find each other
  • Ralph is elected leader

Chapter 2. Fire on the Mountain

This titles significance is that in this chapter the boys made a fire on the mountain. They did this to try to get noticed and rescued. They used Piggy's glasses for the fire.


  • The beast is mentioned for the first time
  • Jack has his first urge to hunt
  • They use Piggy's glasses to start a fire
  • They let the fire get out of hand

CHAPTER 3 Huts on the Beach

The significance of this title is because some of they boys wanted to focus on shelter and their survival which was Ralph's group. Jacks group only focused on hunting. Ralph and Piggy built huts on the beach.


  • Jack starts to love to hunt and his civilization is somewhat gone
  • Sides start taking place between Jack and Ralph
  • Simon is introduced with more detail
  • They start to try and build shelters because they might be there for a while .

CHAPTER 4 . Painted Faces and Long Hair

The significance of this title is because the boys have become savages. They paint their faces to hunt and have grown their hair out because they are no longer they proper school boys they were when they crashed on the island.


  • Boys become savages
  • They let the fire go out when they could've been saved
  • They break Piggy's glasses
  • They kill the pig

CHAPTER 5 Rules and Order

The significance of the chapters name is because in this chapter the boys have meetings and try to gain order. The boys have become out of control savages. They are no longer the boys they were when they first landed.


  • They find out there is no beast
  • They are the beasts and they know that
  • Jack goes and hunts for the beast
  • The order is falling apart

CHAPTER 6 Beast from Air

This chapter is all about the dead parachute man that fell from the sky. Everybody thought that it was the beast because it looked like wings when the wind blew the parachute.


  • The kids think they see the beast
  • Ralph looks for the beast
  • Jack and Ralph explore
  • Simon knows its not a beast

CHAPTER 7 Shadows and Tall Trees

Ralph and the other boys are in the forest and Ralph starts thinking about his family and friends and Simon whispers in his ear that he'll get back alright. A boar comes rushing out of the bush and trees and Ralph throws his spear but it falls out. Then Jack gets the boar but it bit Jacks arm. They also saw the beasts shadow again.


  • Jack gets hurt killing the boar
  • They hunt at night
  • They go see what the beast really is
  • They kill the boar finally

CHAPTER 8 Gift for the Darkness

This title is talking about the Lord f the Flies. jacks group separates and kills the pig then sticks its head on a stick. While Ralph's group stays and tends the fire so they can get rescued.


  • The Lord of the Flies is made
  • Simon talks to the Lord of the Flies
  • The boys are total savages
  • The groups totally seperate

CHAPTER 9 A View to a Death

The boys are so immune to hunting and killing now they are so lost and don't know whats right anymore. All of the boys are insane now and all take part in the killing of Simon.


  • Simon finds the dead Parachutist
  • The boys celebrate with a feast
  • They all participate in the killing of Simon
  • They put his body out to sea

CHAPTER 10 the shell and the glasses

The shell is no use any more and Piggy's glasses are broken. The boys try to convince themselves that the killing of Simon was an accident and that it was just the beast in disguise.


  • The shell is no use anymore
  • Wilfred gets beat up
  • The boys are all going crazy
  • Something pounces on the boys shelter

Chapter 11. Castle rock

This titles significance is the catapult was sitting on top of the castle rock with Rodger. Rodger fires the catapult and it hits Piggy and breaks the conch. Piggy falls off the cliff and dies and gets washed into the ocean.


  • Conch shell gets broken
  • all authority is lost
  • Piggy dies
  • Rodger kills him

CHAPTER 12 cry of the hunters

All the hunters have turned against Ralph they all try to find him and kill him. Jack wants to hunt him down and put his head on a stick . They try to kill him with fire but instead it gets them saved and the hunters all break down crying.


  • Its Ralph against everyone else
  • Jack wants to kill him
  • They start a fie to kill him
  • It ends up saving them all


1. Ralph- Main leader at first. He symbolizes power because he has the conch and can blow it whenever

2. Jack Merridew- Loves to hunt and kill goes insane on the island. He kills Simon and wants to be the leader.

3. Simon- Jesus like figure in the story, seems to know whats going to happen. The boys kill him and bury him in the sea because he belongs with nature

4. Piggy- The one everyone makes fun of on the island. He is very smart and tries to avoid chaos. Rodger kills Piggy.

5. Maurice- One of jacks main supporters he helps raid Ralph's camp

6. Roger- Very evil one on the island. He likes to kill and he kills piggy.

7. littluns- The little ones on the island who don't really know whats going on. They are innocent mostly and just play on the island with Piggy.

8. Samneric- Twins on the island that eventually side with Jack because he beats them up. They help warn Ralph of whats to come

9. Henry- He is the oldest Littlun. Rodger plays mean pranks on him

10. Percival- He is a littlun and is picked on by other littluns, he comes up with the idea that the beast might come from the sea.

11. British Officer- The British officer sees the fire and saves all whose left on the island.


1. conch shell- this is a symbol of order on the island

2. clothing (school sweaters)- this is the last piece of home they have and civilization

3. hair and face paint- This is signs that they aren't civil anymore

3. the fire- This helps them get rescued

4. Piggy’s eyeglasses- These were important and helped them start a fire

5. pig’s head on stick (Lord of the Flies)- This symbolized the savageness of the boys and how they were there own beasts

6. creepers (jungle vines)- People thought these were the beasts

7. imagery of wounds (scar, gashes in trees, lightning and thunder)- These were symbols of the plane crash

8. the pig hunts- this was a symbol of an increase in savagery on the island

9. huts- Ralph's side made these because he wanted shelter

10. jungle (darkness)- This is where the beasts lurk

11. the mountain- The mountain was where the fire was so planes and ships could see.


1. Civilization vs. Savagery- at first the boys were civilized humans but as time progressed they became more and more accustomed to their living conditions and started hunting and killing animals and people.

2. Experience vs. Innocence- The littluns were all innocent and Jack set a bad example by being violent and having experience hunting and killing things.

3. Wisdom vs. Knowledge- Simon was very smart and could understand very difficult things and he had wisdom because of it. Simon belonged with nature. The boys had knowledge because they just knew how to do things they didn't think past what they knew how to do.

4. Physical (human nature) vs. Spiritual (Simon)- Simon had a clear understanding with nature and was not like most people at all. He had a spiritual sense with nature unlike the other boys. They just had a Physical sense.

5. Nature of Violence- The boys used nature to harm on the island like setting fires and sharpening sticks to kill things and people

6. Nature of Fear- Many of the boys on the island feared of never getting rescued. After Jack killed some of they boys many other boys feared him. Ralph feared him at the end when he tried to kill him.

Biblical Motifs

Simon's time spent in the forest can be referred to as the Garden of Eden. Simon also represents Jesus in the story. He is the one trying to do good but the boys still kill him.

ending of the novel

Ralph cries at the end because he has been through so much. He watched to of his friends of the island get killed. He watched the boys turn into "beasts" right before his eyes. He almost got killed too so it was very dramatic. He is also probably upset with himself too considering he partly helped kill Simon because he even turned into a beast on the island. He soon realizes that the beasts on the island were them the whole time.
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