Rules and regulations of Football

By. Uly Panettieri

European Football.

The maximum number of players on field at once is 22 (11 per team).

The maximum number of substitutes in most leagues is 6.

The goal keeper cannot touch the ball with his hands if a team mate passes it to him (excluding headers).

Cards: red card=straight send off. yellow card=warning (2 yellows equal send off).

Offside: if the ball is passed to you whiskey you are behind the last opposition player (if you are on the oppositions side of the pitch). =free kick from offside position.

Substitutions: in a league game there is usually 3 permitted substitutes unless it is a friendly game.

Injuries: if a player is injured he can be subbed off or rested on the side of the pitch until the referee blows him on.

Fouls:if a foul is committed within your own box they will get a penalty. If a foul is suspected to be professional (intentional) they will most likely be sent off, a tackle from behind will definitely result in a card.

Referees: if a referee accidentally interrupts the game (touching the ball or standing in front of a player) the game will continue. If you talk back to the referee he can yellow or red card you.