Drew Martel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I am leaving on my trip from Denver International Airport at 5:00.I land in Houston, TX for a 3 hour layover. Once I change planes from there I am off to Rio. I land in Rio at 9:20 Am. The flight took 15 hours.

Cost for 3 passengers:$22,153.89



belmond copacabana palace

The price for a hotel on kayak costs $605 per night,the cost on travelocity costs the same price of $605 per night.This hotel consists of a dazzling pool,free internet,hotel shuttle and great parkig for the guest.



Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem I might have in Rio is speaking the different language, there will be more then one different language when I land in Rio so when I get there I will need to know the different languages.How I can learn they lots of different languages is study through a book, all the languages I need to know.


My trip after all the flight's,hotel's,and transportation has ended being great after all! After my month and a half in Rio i learned a lot about the history saw a lot of things and meet a lot of new people.Despite all of the dollar signs it took for such a trip i don't regret going on it,not one bit.

About the traveler

My name is Andrew Martel I have always wanted to go to Rio but have never got the chance i have been alone the Airplane many times I used to live in Cali until coming to Denver Colorado i have also been to Las Vegas, Arizona, and Kansas City.