Family Abuse

Family members that abuse one another physically,verbally, and drugs and alcohol. These things can hurt members of a family and abuse should not be tolerated whether it's between a wife and a husband or a parent and their kid

Premature Babies

Babies that are born premature break my heart because in most of these cases the babies have less of a chance to make it through their first day. Also these babies have a higher risk to have problems later on in life since they weren't fully developed.
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Many kids that feel like they don't get enough attention usually cope with bullying. Bullying can be verbal, or physically. Many people don't even stand up for bullying they just watch in the sidelines and watch they neutral and neutral isn't the right choice because it doesn't help the one who's being bullied just the one who's doing the bullying.
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I'm passionate about dance and music because it's my escape and helps me cope with certain situations. It's always there when i have no one else and it takes away stress. Dancing is a passion for me and many people because it is another way to listen to music but using your entire body than just your ears.
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