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Trinity Tax Services Offers Clients Personalized Tax Help, Payroll Services and Bookkeeping

(Newnan, Georgia) April 19, 2015 – Trinity Tax Services is the number one service in the Coweta County area. When it comes to completed tax returns, Trinity ranks number three. Local businesspeople and individuals know they can rely on Trinity for all of their payroll, bookkeeping and tax service needs. Trinity offers a way for business owners to get local help from a firm that cares.

Not being a national chain tax service allows Trinity Tax Service to spend more time personally with the customer. Every client will know that they can have the same preparer for years to come. The company still has a functional website that allows clients to check their tax returns, learn more about other services and even research their tax options.

According to Franchise Help, more than 80 million tax returns are filed by paid preparers annually. It is a reliable industry that people can count on. As long as there are taxes, and there are always taxes, there will be professionals who are better equipped to handle them than individuals who are not educated in tax law. Even when the economy is down, paying someone to handle a tax return is always attractive. The better a preparer understands tax law, the better the return.

For more than 12 years, Trinity Tax Services has been operating in the Newnan, Georgia area. Since that time, the number of clients it serves has grown with every passing year. The company believes that it is the standard of customer service offered by every preparer that makes clients keep wanting to come back. When people know that they are in good hands, they want that experience every year. We handle Tax Services Newnan GA, Payroll Services Newnan GA, Bookkeeping Newnan GA with the utmost dedication and care.

While tax services are a big part of what Trinity offers its customers, it is also possible to handle some other financial aspects of business with Trinity. The company handles payroll for local businesses. It also handles bookkeeping. If a client is too busy to sit in to talk about services, they have the option to drop off the work with all of the necessary papers. Trinity will handle it while they get more free time.

About Trinity Tax Services:

Trinity Tax Services was established in the Newnan, GA area in 2003. By offering reliable financial services, it has become one of the top financial service providers in the area. Its reputation as a go-to source for tax and business finance information is as solid as the tax returns its preparers file. Our fields of expertise include Tax Services Newnan GA, Payroll Services Newnan GA, Bookkeeping Newnan GA so do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any of the previously mentioned tasks.

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