levis and sweatshops

Never Be Made In A Sweatshop..

the sweatshops for levis clothing are made abroad after the company closed its last two shops in the year of 2004. They discovered that providing benefits and safety to workers cost to their company, "Our jeans will never be made in a sweatshop: levis CEO."

working conditions for many...

poor working conditions where found at this time, sweatshops where found to be very filthy they faced long hard working hours and job instability, very unsafe and un healthy for many, many accidents where reported many was hurt and killed while on the job

what i learned ?

I learned that levis no longer use sweatshops or any type of harsh environmental work places, they make various types of clothing such as shirts,jeans,hats,boots,belts,hoodies and etc..

In the year of 2001 factory workers in Saipan making levis bluejeans earned right at 3 dollars an hour ...... roughly 22% of levis global workforces// wooden floors of levis San Francisco headquarters... facilities are now located in China.