WANTED Giardia Lamblia

Have You Seen This Parasite?

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Giardia Lamblia Attacks

This parasite is found in foreign countries without a clean water supply. This organism attacks the digestive system, primarily in the small intestine. The common name for this parasite is Giardia, and is one of the main causes of traveler's diarrhea. This parasite can be transmitted in many different ways including through contaminated food or water from countries with a large population of Giardia Lamblia. Giardia Lamblia has two different types of infection, one is an inactive form called a cyst, and the other is an active form called a trophozoite.
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Giardia Lamblia Victims

People who travel to foreign countries are the most at risk due to the poor water conditions and the infected people living in that country. Also, medical officers and other doctors are exposed to catching this parasite due to the rural conditions they are exposed to due during their job.

What does it do?

Giardia Lamblia infects the small intestine of the digestive system, causing many different problems in the body. This parasite may cause bloating, nausea, vomiting, malaise, fatigue, and in some cases loss of weight.


This parasite can be found in foreign countries with poor water conditions, this parasite can infect you through the ingestion of contaminated fresh water. Also this parasite can infect you through oral or anal contact with a infected person.

Defense against the parasite

In order to protect yourself from being infected, your should stay away from unknown or dirty water. If at any time it is necessary to ingest the water, take precautions and boil the water to kill any germs that may be in it. One should wash their hands before eating and completely cook fruit and meat from another country. If someone were to be infected by this parasite, there are treatments to kill off the parasite. The most commonly used antibiotic is called Metronidazole and does a good job at ridding the body of the parasite.