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Discrimination and Women's Rights


Discrimination in the Past

In the past in America African Americans where discriminated against and had a small amount of rights. In 1909 the Civil Rights movement was started with the founding The Nation Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This group helped get rid of segregation where white people and African Americans where separated from each other. Other people who helped the movement where Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. They did this by holding peaceful protests. These actions helped get equal rights for African Americans.

Discrimination in America

In America today there are many cases of discrimination. People treat people a certain way just because of their race, religion, and gender. In America today women aren't payed as much as men for the same job. African Americans are killed or arrested even though they committed no crime. There is still discrimination in our country.

Discrimination all over the world

In the world many people are still discriminated against in Europe Muslims are discriminated against because some Muslims are extremists. In the past in Europe. During WWII the Jewish people where killed because of their race. They had to wear a star of David to be identified so they could be taken away. In South Africa discrimination against the African population by the white people who were descendants of the settlers. The whites took over the government and didn't let Africans have any rights. Nelson Mandela opposed this and he became president of South Africa and helped fix the problem.

Discrimination in school

In schools people discriminate against others by the way they dress, their race, or their gender. People hold these ideas and they usually don't let go of these ideas. People discriminate to make themselves feel superior. I think that it is wrong to discriminate against people because of these things. The world would be a better place without discrimination.
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Make Lemonade and Discrimination

In Make Lemonade Jolly is discriminated against because of her economic status, her schooling, her being poor, and her gender. Jolly's creepy boss fired her because she didn't want to be touched. Even LaVaughn's Mom discriminated against Jolly because she was a poor young mother who couldn't read. In the end Jolly ended up okay and went back to highschool. Jolly overcomes this discrimination at the end and fixes her life.

Women's Rights

Women's Rights Movements in America

One of the first feminist was Lucretia Mott. She was a Quaker which meant that she believed that men and women where equal. She fought for women's suffrage and brought Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton together. Stanton and Anthony fought for equal voting right and got arrested for it because they voted in an election. In 1920 women finally got the right to vote.

Women's Treatment Versus Men in America

Men and women are pretty much equal in America by law. Men usually do more construction work than women. Women are treated differently when they work in construction since people think men are stronger. The women's rights movement was successful at getting equal rights for men and women. Women in America are free to do what ever they want. The only difference in the way they are treated is by other people.

Women's Treatment Versus Men all over the World

Men and women are treated differently all around the world. In the Middle East their religion has Sharia Law which makes women unequal with men. Women have to cover up in public and are not allowed to vote. Women are also not allowed to drive so they ride bikes. People who violate these laws are executed in some cases with extremists. Men in the Middle East don't have to do these things.

Famous Women's Rights Activists

Susan B. Anthony fought for Women's right by helping get women the right to vote. She cast a vote in the 1872 election. She ended up in prison after refusing to pay the fine for voting illegally. She died in 1906. In 1920 the 19th amendment was passed allowing women to vote. Another women's rights activist was Betty Friedan. Betty after having her second child was fired from her job for taking a maternity leave and was replaced with a man. She hated being a house wife and formed NOW (National Organization for Women) in 1966. She helped fight for equal work opportunities for women in the United States. She got the Equal Rights Amendment pass which made it illegal to discriminate because of gender. Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman Supreme Court Justice. She was discriminated against by law firms because she was a woman so they wouldn't hire her. She eventually became part of the senate and focused on woman's rights issues and people who where impoverished. In 1981 Ronald Reagan nominated her to become a Supreme Court Justice

Make Lemonade and Women's Rights

In Make Lemonade Jolly is fighting to keep he children and trying to get an education. Jolly wants to learn but her education was stopped when she had her children. She had to take a job to support them. Jolly finally gets back to school with the help of the mom's up program. The mom's up program helps get young mothers back in school and helps get their rights to an education after and before they have children.


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