Info about this catastrophic event


This catastrophic event is an uncontrollable blaze that can be caused by Weather, a geological cause, and human causes. All you need is a spark to cause a devastating wildfire.

Positive and Negative Impacts

Wildfires can cause wreak havoc, but can also benefit us in different ways. Although it will burn everything in it's path, the ash can return nutrients to the soil and remove the underbrush for new plants to grow.

Impact on Humans

Wildfires can kill people, burn houses and crops, and release CO2 into the atmosphere, BUT, they can return nutrients to the soil so we can farm!

Guaranteed to be Destructive and Hot

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Five Things You Should Do To Not Die

1 - Do not pour gasoline in the forest, or on yourself.

2 - Do not use lighters in forests, unless you are making smores.

3 - In case of a wildfire, call firemen. THEY do this as a profession ( Don't go extinguishing fires by yourself. )

4 - Don't smoke in the forest, and if you do, don't throw it into the bushes.

5 - Do not go into the forest. It's safe at home, unless you live by a forest.

If you follow these steps, you won't die!


Interesting Facts

  • They are very hot
  • They can kill you
  • They happen in forests
  • They are not safe
  • These are obvious facts
  • They kill around 339,000 people a year
  • I am not lying
  • In the US, along 100,000 wildfires happen every year, clearing 4 to 5 million acres of forest.
  • Most wildfires happen in the US (and Canada).
  • We (and Canada) are the most common country to have wildfires.
  • Wildfires can only really happen in forested areas where someone set a forest on fire. ( or lightning, so radio stations in the forest are dangerous)

Common Locations of the Disaster

The most common locations of this disaster are here in the US and Canada, since they are very forested areas. Sometimes, wildfires happen in the vegetated areas of Australia.
Driving through forest fire