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November 16, 2015

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Thank you for all you do everyday! The visitors that were here for Mini GAPSS had such wonderful, positive comments about our students and staff! I heard several comments throughout the day about the strong community we have here! That's not something that just happens overnight. You all have woven those relationships over the years to create an amazing place!

Important Dates

  • November 17: PTA Meeting & Chorus Performance
  • November 17: 4th Grade Field Trip
  • November 17: 4th & 5th grade spelling bee names due to Ginn
  • November 18: Faculty Meeting
  • November 23-27: No School-Thanksgiving Break
  • November 30-December 11: Professional Learning Rotation-Number Talks & Close Reads
  • December 1: Grade Level Meeting--Meet with Jan & Jen
  • December 8: Grade Level Meeting-- APTT pre-planning for January with Daisy & Jen
  • December 9: Spelling Bee
  • December 15: Grade Level Meeting--TKES Mid-year Conference with Todd & Jan
  • December 16: Faculty Meeting

From Daisy's Desk

As we move toward the end of November and toward December please keep in mind the following timeline:

· Based on what I heard from grade-level chairs, I am in the process of inventorying supplies from September’s meetings and ordering supplies for January

· If you are using a classroom assessment for your APTT goal(s), please go ahead and do that before we leave for Winter Break (you can give your data to J. Emmert so she can start everyone’s data graphs)

· Tuesday December 8th – Jen Emmert and I will meet with you to finalize your APTT activity during planning

· Monday, December 14th – Thursday, December 17th Jen Emmert and I will begin working on individual invitations, data graphs, and power points. Classroom data, if finished, should be sent by now Look for a copy of your invite in your box to sign before copying class sets (that way you won’t have to feel like your “buying a house”!)

Lollipop Moments

Phew! What a week! We all survived and that's because each and every one of you went above and beyond to prepare for the Title I tour and mini GAPSS! Your efforts did not go unnoticed! Todd and Jan wanted to show their appreciation for all you did to pull together so this Thursday, November 19th, come to my room to enjoy a potato bar from Jason's Deli! You each deserve a special treat! Thank you!

- - We are ONE Midway! - -