Wild Times Zoo!

By: April Krumpos

Our Logo!

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Where is this cool place?!

The Wild Times Zoo is at 101 Oak Street. Green Bay, WI 54313. To get in, you have to pay $6 for children and $8 for adults. If you have trouble finding us; call (920)-867-5309, or email us with the email wildtimeszoo@gmail.com.

Want to know the dates and time?

Come to our Wild Times Zoo today! It will be open everyday from March 10th to November 18th! The times of when it opens and ends is 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. We would like to see you there!

What's New?

I bet you didn't know these things about these animals below until now!

Amazing Facts!

Did you know packer wives help us? Well, they do! They care for the animals every weekend, even on Friday's!

There is a dinner event at Subway where we donate money for the animals in need. You have to wear green and white (our official zoo colors)!

Do you know what Subway does for us?! They donate $1 for every subway sold!

Want some more facts about animals? Well go to the links below!