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8th grade newsletter

Week of October 1- 5


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Important Dates:


1 - Megan Meier Foundation Assembly

1 to 5 - Sports Spectacular Sign Up ($10)

9 to 12 - HOPE Week



We've received several inquiries about students' grades this year. Mostly, you've been asking, "Where are their scores?" You may not be seeing many scores in your child's gradebook. That's because with our move to standards referenced grading, we don't enter grades as frequently. Rather than grading many individual assignments and then averaging them, we are scoring only major assessments that test your child's overall mastery of a standard. But we are tracking your child's progress! Please ask them to show you their data binder in Google Classroom. In the documents you'll find there, your child will be able to show you their progress towards meeting the standards we are working on in class.

Please reach out to your teachers with questions, and we appreciate your patience as we implement our updated gradebook.


The 8th grade team

Midterm Grades Update:

As we reach midterm, many classes are finishing up their first unit and assessing student learning. You can expect that grades in SIS K-12 will be updated in the next week to reflect student progress. If you want another way to stay up-to-date on your child's pre-test, formative and post-assessment progress, you can ask your child to open their e-binder in Google Classroom. This is a new way that we are helping students to track their own learning.


Below you will find the link to the Proficiency Scale for ELO 2 (Concepts of slope and y-intercept). Ask your child where they are currently performing. They have that information in their 8th Grade eBinder.
Week at a Glance:

This week students will work on their knowledge of solving equations. Corrections and retesting opportunities will be provided for those that have not met the equation standard (ELO 1). Students will review graphing points. Please be sure your child keeps up with their Independent Work!

This Week's Objectives:

Solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable.

Daily Independent Work:

Monday: Introduction to Chapter 3

Tuesday: Chapter 2 ReTeaching

Wednesday: Chapter 2 Corrections

Thursday: Work Day in preparation for ReTakes (Enrichment for those proficient at ELO 1)

Friday: ReTakes or continue practice toward ReTakes (Enrichment for others)

Advanced Math

Week at a Glance:

This week students will be completing their understanding of equations and start with inequalities.

This Week's Objectives:

Solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable.

Daily Independent Work:

Monday: Complete Topic 1a Test

Tuesday: Intro to 1b Solving Linear Inequalities in One Variable and ReTeaching

Wednesday: Topic 1a Corrections

Thursday: Lesson 1-5 Solving Inequalities in One Variable; pg 34 12,20-24

Friday: Lesson 1-5; pg 34 29-34, 47

Social Studies

Week at a Glance:

This week Students will finish up giving their oral defense over George Washington's Presidency. Up next we will be starting to look at objective #3: First Political Parties.

Important Vocabulary:

  • Federalists
  • Democratic Republicans
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Elastic Clause
  • Strict Construction
  • Loose Construction

Learning Target for the Week:

" I can compare the core beliefs of the first political parties".


  • Names of parties and their founders
  • Strict vs. Loose Construction
  • Views on Human Nature
  • Views on Government
  • Views on Economy
  • Views on Alliances


This week, E/LA class is shifting its focus to writing short stories. This past week, we read short stories from several different genres, including science fiction, memoir, horror, and myth. We will be working on the following objectives, based on Missouri Learning Standard 8.W.2.A.a:

I can...
-Follow a writing process to produce a well-organized and interesting short story.
-Create a plot and a setting for a story..
-Render familiar experiences into scenes fit for literature.
-Develop characters with coherent motives and personalities.
-Utilize tone, descriptive language, and figurative language to paint on the page.
-Deploy twists and surprises in ways that serve thematic development and character development.

In addition, we will continue to focus on MO Standard 8.RL.3.D, reading and comprehending texts on grade level. We will encourage students to read stories within the genres they are writing!


Week at a Glance:

Students will be review the different types of forces from last week. Learn how to make a science graph and discover how mass affects gravity in a hands on activity.

This Week's Objectives:

PS2A2--Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that the change in an object's motion depends on the sum of forces on the object and the mass of the object.

PS2B2--Create and analyze a graph to use as evidence to support the claim that gravitational interactions depend on the mass of the interacting objects.

Daily Activities:

Monday: Review the force stations from last week and decide which force type was being exerted.

Tuesday: Types of Forces challenge and acting out the forces

Wednesday: Assessment over types of forces (for a grade) and a quick pretest over the PS2B2 objective above.

Thursday: How to make a graph in science class practice

Friday: Spring into Action investigation