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10 Interesting Facts

1) A hippocampus is half horse, half sea monster.
2) They are always strongly associated with Poseidon.
3) They are very loyal.
4) The hippocampus are called "Poseidon's Horses" because in a lot of pics, Poseidon is riding in a chariot being pulled by these beautiful creatures.
5) They have the head and front legs of a horse and the tail and hindquarters of a fish or serpent.
6) They tend to be secretive creatures and will not seek out human contact.
7) They prefer to graze on the plants on the bottom of the ocean floor.
8) Today, the word hippocampus refers to the seahorse – it is a literal translation of the name.
9) The Historic Carousel & Museum in Albany, OR use the hippocampus in their logo.
10) This creature is not known to be vicious at all.



I would LOVE to meet a hippocampus if this creature existed. I believe it would be popular with humans just like dolphins are. People would want to ride this gorgeous animal, and everyone would line up to pet and feed them. I can relate to a hippocampus because I am also very loyal and not vicious. However, I cannot relate to their love of plants. I hate vegetables and prefer to eat meat or pasta.
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