A South America Country By Javier Chavez

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When they won there independence

The country Suriname was controlled by netherlands until they fought and won there independence in 1975.

Suriname government

Suriname government is a Constitutional democracy and there leader is Dési bouteise. Each of them protect the country from bad things such as other countries attacking them but that hasn't happen since there not trying to start war with any other countries.

The capital of Suriname and two major cities

Suriname Exports and Imports

Suriname import capital equipment, petroleum, food stuff, cotton, consumer goods

Suriname export alumia, aluminum, shrimp, fish

These get and give to these countries-U.S, Belgium, U.A.E., Canada, Guyana, France, Barbados.

Suriname dollar

Since Suriname became independent they change there money to Suriname money so that's what they use in Suriname to buy something in the country.
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Tourists sights

In Suriname there are beautiful landscape,rainforest,lakes,and buildings it's amazing to just go there and visit just to see the beautiful country.