My Vacation to Mexico

Veracruz, Jacatepec, Valle National

Dad's side of the family

I left the U.S. to go on vacation to Mexico in the summer of first grade. Picking us up from the airport was my dad’s side of the family. When I got to the town where my dad’s side of the family lives in it was pouring. San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional is the name of the town where I lived in. The next day, or the day after that my grandpa took me and my family to the main part of town and there he bought me some baby chicks. We lived in my grandparents house for a while. But my whole family came except for my dad and i missed him. After a while of living at my dad’s parents house we moved out. I also went to school there. We had to wear a uniform. I only had to wear my uniform on Mondays.

Going to Veracruz

During my vacation to Mexico I went to Veracruz. It’s a beautiful place. My mom took me and my siblings so the Gulf Of Mexico. While swimming my little sister threw up. We also went to an amazing aquarium. El Aquario de Veracruz is the name of the aquarium I went to. There was a lot of big and small fishes, there was also some sharks.

Mom's side of the family

After getting settled down at my grandpas house (dad’s side) I went and met my grandma from my mom’s side. Santa Maria Jacatepec is the name of the town where my mom’s side of the family lives in. 15 minutes away from my dad’s side of the family is the town where my grandma (mom’s side) lives. When I first got there I had to walk on a bridge and i’m really scared of heights so I hated walking over it. Guarding my grandma’s house were two dogs. Whenever we went to my grandma’s house the dogs would always follow us (they scared me sometimes).