Asheville Primary School

Family Connection 1/19/22

Welcome Back

We are so excited to be back in our clean, sanitized building tomorrow! Please remind students of safety measures that are in place: mask, distance, and washing hands often!

Read through the Covid information listed below to help you with your discussion.

Tomorrow will be exciting. Try to keep the same routine for your morning, if possible with a 2 hour delay, and remind your child to have a plan for their day. Work plans and goals help us stay focused and regulated. Let them know you will check in with them about how things went at the end of the day (or at bedtime). Reflection solidifies learning. Ask them about a work they finished or a book they read. Did anyone say anything funny? or clever? Which was your favorite: lunch or snack? Talking to your child builds connection and that is very important for their growth and success.

We love having your family at APS. Please let us know if you need any support during this time. We know that circumstances can change quickly. We are here for you!

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Midyear Testing Dates

Mid Year Assessment Windows

NCENSI (math) begins January 31 through February 4

mCLASS (literacy) begins January 10 through January 31

STAR testing will also occur this month for 3rd and 4th graders.

Testing will take place within the student's daily schedule and is either one on one or on the computer. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher.


Use this link to order an APS shirt anytime. (Remember shipping has been taking awhile, so it may take a couple of weeks to get it.)

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REMINDER: Choose Asheville Primary

Click on the link to sign up to start earning rewards for Asheville Primary with Box Tops 4 Education.

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Looking for ways to get involved at APS? We are looking for some virtual field trips to businesses. Showcase your job with a Google Meet with our students. Call 350-2900 and speak with Tima Williams or Lauren Graham to schedule an event.


Omicron is on the rise! Please help us all stay safe by following the 3 Ws:


We are helping to keep you safe by:

  • using daily protocols for cleaning and sanitizing each room
  • saying no to volunteers or guest speakers for now
  • rescheduling field trips

You can:

  • practice hand washing and mask wearing (on the nose and under the chin)
  • keep students home when they have symptoms
  • limit group gatherings to help limit the spread in your own neighborhood

THANKS for helping us keep it safe at APS. If your child is a close contact, you will be contacted with instructions on quarantining. If you are not asked to quarantine, your child can come to school as long as there are no symptoms. If you are asked to quarantine, your absences will be excused. If you choose to quarantine your family, the absence will not be excused (but we totally understand). Children and adults that are just out of quarantine, will be asked to wear a mask during outside time for Days 6-10. Please talk to your child if this is the case, since other students may not have this same restriction.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Visit the Find My Testing Place website to find a clinic or pop up testing site near you. Testing is available through StarMed Healthcare. To register for COVID-19 testing through StarMed, click here. Curbside COVID-19 Testing

Please let your child's teacher, Michelle Goldsmith, and/or admin know if someone in your household is positive or if your child has symptoms. We are all doing our best to stop the spread of Covid. If you have questions about symptoms or quarantine, please call or text Michelle Goldsmith (Covid Coordinator) at 713-4659.

January: New Beginnings & Resolutions; Positive Self Identity

I Believe I Can

A Message From APS PTC

Many of you have been asking lots of questions about enrollment for next year and how you will stay connected with friends. Since we are in multi-aged classrooms, many families don't even know what grade their child's friends are in and a lot of you are curious about what schools their friends are considering. In an effort to keep everyone connected, PTC has developed a form where you can provide the answers to those questions with the results being shared with everyone. THIS FORM IS OPTIONAL and INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED WITH ALL FAMILIES that complete it. You are not required to fill it out and none of the questions are required...just fill out what you want to share. It is just another way to keep us all connected through the transition.

APS PTC Connecting Families

NC Exceptional Children's Newsletters for Families


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Special Invitation For Self-Care Session Next Week

"Please join us for a presentation by Tor White, an Asheville Native, author, activist, mental health trainer and consultant for a discussion on mental health, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care during Black Lives Matter week. This presentation is for our community members of color (BIPOC).

Tor White, LLC is a Mental Health Training and Consulting firm whose mission is to identify and improve the gaps, barriers, and systems that directly impact BIPOC communities, individuals with mental health or substance use disorder, and the organizations (government, nonprofits, private practices) that serve them."

This event takes place on Wednesday, January 26 from 7-8pm.

Looking Back on our Time at APS~See if you recognize any of these faces....

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ACS Elementary School Open Houses are POSTPONED at this time.