My Dream Car

Honda S2000

About the Car:

Price: A used 2009 S2000 can go for $34,995 - $37,995
Monthly payments: (96 months) $402.42
Interest rate: 2.49

The S2000 has very standard features. I don't want flashy features in a car, because having a reliable car is fine by me.

Pros and Cons

  • Standard leather upholstery
  • Precise handling dynamics
  • High reliability score for the class

  • Aged exterior styling
  • No available automatic transmission
  • Lacks power at lower rpm

Overall: 8.4

Critics' Rating: 8.9

Performance: 9.2

Interior: 6.9

Operating Cost: 7.3

Safety: 9.1

Reliability: 4/5

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