Kindergarten Happenings

We learned about Chinese New Year and Community Helpers

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look at what we did!

  • In literacy, we continued learning that when we read we also have to do a lot of thinking! We have to be sure that the words we say make sense, sound right, and are just what the author wrote. We paid special attention to the ends of words to be sure we read "-ed", "-s", and "-ing".
  • In word work, we explored the "et" word family! We also kept practicing our sight words.
  • In writing, we continued non-fiction writing. We learned about "All About" books and how writers write them to teach their readers all about a topic that we are experts on. We were careful scientists and looked at goldfish and guppies so that we could write about them too.
  • In math, we finished our unit on collecting data and making graphs with what we've learned. We also started learning about measurement!
  • We celebrated the 100th Day of School and visited all 3 kindergarten classrooms for some fun activities!

Sight Words

We practiced the sight words on the word wall! With the provided words in your sight word bag, practice reading and writing the words in a snap! The quicker we know them, the more we can focus on other new words when we read and write.

I, can, see, a, me, the, to, go, my, like, am, at, for, look, we, will, come, here, you, is, it, in, have, and

Kindergarten Themes

Here are the themes that are coming up:

  • Community Helpers

Upcoming Events & Other Information

  • Mon, Feb 17 - Inclement Weather Make Up Day. It will be a normal school day instead of a Teacher Work Day
  • Wed, Feb 26 - Family Culture Night at 6pm

Next week...

  • We will look at the features of a non-fiction book.
  • We will continue our unit writing "All About" books.
  • We will continue our unit on measurement.