Counselor's Corner

Trimester 1 2014

7th graders swimming through guidance presentations

Each fall, the counselors visit classrooms and present a lesson. The lesson for the seventh grade students was based on Deborah Diesen’s first book, The Pout-Pout Fish. The story allows us to talk about the fish philosophy and focus in on the students identifying their support system. The transition from 6th grade to 7th grade can be difficult at times, and it is important for the students to remember who they can rely on both in and out of school. In addition, the students discussed the stressors that they encounter and who in their support system they could go to.

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School Culture: Fish "Fri" days

Each month the middle school will focus on one of the FISH philosophy themes. The theme during the month of September was "Choose Your Attitude". Two students from each homeroom who exemplified the theme the best were chosen to participate in a dodge ball game. "Act Responsibly" was the theme students focused on in October and were rewarded with a morning in the pool on the "Wipe out" course. Students competed against the clock to finish the course and win prizes. During November, the focus was on "Treating Others with Respect", and students participated in a kickball game. In December, we will be holding a hot chocolate social.

Eagle Ambassadors and School Culture

The Ambassadors have been very focused on several activities. This year they are supporting school culture and the FISH philosophy at NAMS by developing school wide activities that focus on building a safe, comfortable, and fun atmosphere. In October they ran the "Mean Stinks" campaign, which is a national program, focused on ending girl to girl drama and bullying. By painting their pinky nails blue, students and faculty took the pledge to gang up for good and end girl drama and bullying.

In November the Ambassadors geared activities toward treating others with respect. Students promoted World Kindness Day with the theme, "I mustache you to be kind". Students and faculty wore mustaches and pledged to be kind to one another. Students also participated in the national "Mix It Up Day" which promotes acceptance of others by encouraging students to mix it up during lunch. Students are assigned randomly to different lunch tables for the day and are encouraged to meet new people through ice breaker activities.

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Ambassador Community Service

This year the Ambassadors will also focus on community service. Each month, residents from Moravian Hall Square will be visiting with our students. In October, the Ambassadors hosted the residents for the first time. They enjoyed an afternoon of lunch, crafts, and games. It was a fun day enjoyed by all! During November, students taught the residents how to use the Wii. They enjoyed getting physical with a game of bowling and dancing. A big thank you to the Ambassadors and residents who have participated during the past two visits!

Situational Awareness/Self-Defense Program

The NAMS Eagle Ambassador program sponsored a 3-day Situational Awareness/Self-Defense program for female students. The program was offered on November 13th, 17th, and 19th during activity period. Instructors from Action Karate of Nazareth provided the education. Approximately 40 girls participated, and upon completion of the seminar, the students were invited to Action Karate to receive their white belts. Due to the positive response, we are hoping to offer another course to all students in the spring.