School Tech Bundle 2014

School Approved BYOD package

One Stop purchasing for your technology needs in 2014


  1. Accessories (2 screen protectors, stylus and bonus ear buds)
  2. Applecare warranty (an extra year offered)
  3. Insurance - lower excess charge for breakages
  4. Customisable ebook bundle - schools approved choice of content from Maths, Science, English and Humanites subjects
  5. Free delivery to school designated location

School Approved Tech Bundle

  1. Competitive based pricing
  2. Special and preferential bulk pricing for accessories
  3. Customised logos (if selected)
  4. Flexibility of delivery options
  5. Edsoft is part of Campion Education - over 30 years experience in education
  6. Complete one stop shopping that makes it easier than ever before
  7. eBooks ready to use in iPad at start of term. No more lost activation cards.