My Poems!!!


My Favorite Food! -Imagery

Heated light brown,

Doesn't make me frown.

Made by me,

Not sugar free.

Sweet as can be,

Loved by me!

Dotted with starch white powdered sugar,

Stops my hunger!

Hot off the oven,

Made in my kitchen.

Wolfed down by me,

So hot it's steaming.

Drenched with maple syrup,

It's my pick-me-up!


Loved by all of us!!!

The Insect -Haiku

I'm very tiny,

I'm also rather jumpy,

I'm dark green and brown.

Grace The Grey Ghost - Alliteration

Grace the grey ghost was gracious.

She giggled in the gloomy grey fog.

Grace the grey ghost was gigantically tall.

Grace the grey ghost grandly gifted great ghosts.

Grace the grey ghost graciously glimmered and gradually disappeared.

Fire and Sky -Personification

The fire is very bright,

It is quite a fright.

The fire dreams,

Of eating everything.

THe sky turns black with smoke,

It looks down on fire and chokes.