Check This Out!

Fun Club

What the Fun Club is:

We go on trips, have parties, do arts & crafts, watch movies, and more! If you can't come one day, that's fine, you will be missing out on loads of fun, but nothing you won't be able to do another time.

There ARE Items Needed!

On most get-togethers, you will have to bring certain things. I will give you a paper a few days in advance of each Fun Club get-together, and it will have all the information you will need on it. Some days, it will be required, others, it will be a suggestion. If it is possible for you to bring the suggested items, please do so!

What we do most:

There are no rules!


To contact me:

If you need to contact me, and for some reason, you can't in person, the information below will show you that. I prefer e-mail! I may also contact you about reminders, BTW.

Fun Club Applications Due!

Wednesday, April 1st, 7am-10pm

561 Mill St

Bluffton, SC

This is when your applications are due by. You have 15 hours that day to get it to me. Of course, you may turn it in before!

Fun Club, Day 1

Sunday, April 5th, 11:30am-1:30pm

561 Mill St

Bluffton, SC

This is the day that the first Fun Club get-together is. Remember: if you can't make it, that's fine.

any last-second questions?