WWI Portfolio Assignment

A Poster/Flyer for the Great War

Your job is to inform your audience about WWI through a newsletter, flyer or Newspaper form.This assignment can be completed using smore.com, powerpoint, publisher, word or any other typed format.
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Your Poster/Flyer/Powerpoint must follow these guidelines

  • Must be printed out and added to your WWI Portfolio Folder
  • It can be in black and white or color
  • It can be printed from the classroom Computer
  • Must be turned in with the WWI Portfolio by Friday March 8

Each Poster/Newsletter must contain the following:

  • 3 examples of New Technology used in WWI with pictures
  • One leader from each side must be included with a brief biography that highlights their role in WWI
  • 3 primary source pictures with a brief explanation for each one. These can include propaganda posters, photographs, political cartoons, maps
  • 3 Newspaper Headlines that one might have read during the time about WWI

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