Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Jacob Flowers

Release: 12/11/15

My lab partner and I have found a way to create nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is atoms of hydrogen joining together or fusing to make atoms of helium, and releasing huge amounts of energy in the process. Nuclear fusion creates energy by fusing atoms of hydrogen together into helium, while nuclear fission is is the splitting of a large atom into two or more smaller ones (uranium and plutonium). The process is much less risky than nuclear fission, but there are still some risks including that there is a possibility of a meltdown without proper care, and the release of tritium into the environment. Tritium is a radioactive element that could cause complications in humans. Nuclear fusion produces a whopping four times the energy that you could get from a nuclear reactor which is an amazing amount of energy. As it is renewable, we will be eliminating the use of a lot of fossil fuels, while having many times more available energy than before. It will be revolutionary for research purposes and for human wants.