Polar Bears!

An Endangered Species

Where do polar bears live?

Polar Bears live in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Norway, and Greenland.

What are Polar Bear habitats like?

Their habitat is on ice and snow in very cold places. They also live in pits or caves.

How many polar bears are there?

In 2008 scientists estimated 20-25,000.

Why are polar bears endangered?

Polar bears are becoming endangered because the Arctic is becoming warmer with the climate change.

What does a polar bear eat?

Polar bears eat both bearded and ringed seals.

Interesting facts about polar bears!

  • polar bears can swim up to 6 mph
  • polar bears DON'T hibernate
  • polar bears tend to overheat rather than being cold
  • only humans hunt polar bears
  • polar bears only live to be 15-18 years in the wild
  • polar bears live to their mid to late 30's in captivity
  • polar bear babies weigh a little more than 1 lb. at birth


By:Megan Walkenhorst